I can’t eat…

Intolerances and Allergies:

This section is dedicated to those who can not or should limit their intake of certain foods, as they contain substances not tolerated by their body .

Everyday we hear about “allergy” and “intolerance ” and often they are used in a wrong way. We try to do some clarity, so be aware of the needs of our body, without scare yourself!

ALLERGY: allergy is an overreaction of the immune system, when it comes into contact with an antigen, a molecule that is recognized as foreign and potentially harmful to the body. Consequently, the system triggers a violent reaction directed toward the antigen (allergen), for self-protection. Talking about a food, the answer will be directe to allergens, more specifically to the proteins contained in it.

The allergic reaction occurs in a very violent way, the second time that the body is in contact with the offending food; the first exposure, in fact, determines the phenomenon of sensitization. When the reaction is particularly severe, it can cause imbalances in some organs, the so-called anaphylactic shock. To avoid any possible problem and remedy to the symptoms, you need to find the food and to exclude it from your diet! An allergy is NOT dose-dependent.

INTOLERANCE: for the intolerance, however, the concept is different: the immune system is NOT involved, therefore are not triggers an immune response.
It is often confused with an allergy, but the only thing they have in common are  few symptoms. An intolerant subject should NOT completely rule out the food from the diet, but must be able to understand the ” threshold amount ” which can get without having adverse reactions. In fact, as a result of abundant intake of a particular food, the body ” rebels ” because it can not digest it properly. We must not, however, underestimate the intolerances, the body “suffers” the inability to absorb food and this can cause significant symptoms, among which are itching, headache , palpitations, gastritis etc … which, in the long run can lead to more severe diseases.

It might be of interest: http://www.webmd.com/allergies/guide/food-allergy-intolerances

The symptoms that you shouldn’t underestimated are:
abdominal pain, diarrhea , nausea, stomach swelling , itching and redness of the skin, excessive tiredness, loss or gain weight without a reason, difficulty breathing, cardiorespiratory symptoms, anaphylactic shock.
In the following you will find recipes for those who can not, or should limit the intake of milk and dairy products, eggs or products containing gluten. Each recipe is marked by facilitating the choice :

  – – 

without milk – gluten free – without eggs
I added a new symbol:…maybe not known by everyone, but lately it is becoming more and more famous and popular. It represents the Vegan lifestyle, which “arises from the consideration that animals (some more, some less) are sentient beings with the ability to feel emotions and feelings.” Very Right consideration!
I am not vegan, but absolutely respect those who have decided to make this choice and, therefore, I think it’s fair to devote some sweet recipes in this blog also to these people, because Sweet Words has pages dedicated to everyone! Furthermore, I am convinced that the recipes are delicious and tasty, for vegan or not, and that learning how to replace some ingredients with others to get a good, and even better, result is important and essential for all “students” attending the kitchens ;-)
Click here for further information about vegan style and greedy recipes!

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