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Cake Pops

sweet balls to enjoy even the crumbs 🙂

P1040713Nutritional tips at the end of recipe.

Hi everybody! Do you like these funny lollipops? These weird sweetness are make with cake crumbles that sometimes can be left when the cake is over. So…this is a special advice to save everything in the kitchen and, in the meantime, you will have a special dessert for children, that will be really cheerful and surprised;-)


Preparation: 10 minutes + time in the freezer – Cooking: None – Difficuties: easy

Ingredients (for about 20 balls):

  • 350-400g cake crumbles (you can use muffin, soft cakes, yoghurt cakes crumbles)
  • 2-3 spoon of jam (apricot jam is perfect)
  • 100g extra dark chocolate (or white chocolate)
  • coloured sugar, coconut, chopped nuts, … to decorate
  • wooden chopsticks


In a bowl you have to finely crumble the cake (I used, for example,  muffin crumbles). Then add the jam and mix. Now make small balls with your hands, put on a pan and keep in the freezer for about 30 minutes (photo 1).


In the meantime, you have to melt the chocolate and put your decorations on a dish. When the balls are solidified, keep out of the freezer, position on the top of your chopstiks and cover with melted chocolate. Remove carefully the excess of chocolate and then decorate with coconut, sugar or whatever you like!


Let them dry in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes to have a crunchy cover, then eat immediately or you can keep them also for one day in the fridge.

It will be a great snack for children, perfect for a birthday party! And, in addition, you will not have waste nothing!

Tips: this recipe I think it’s really usefull to use your left crumbles. For the decoration you can work with your fantasy and immagination! 🙂

Nutritional tips: this time, this space, will be use to give you some advice for children party. Ingredients used in the recipe are simple and common, we met them lots of time in these pages. So I though abot the importance of parties for children! Parties are occacion to meet, play and eat together. Mums let them to eat a lot of sweetness, forbidden at home and this is important in a child education! Anyway, the food we prepare can be greedy, but not unhealthy! We can try to give them pizza with good tomato and chees, sandweches with quality jam, sweets without saturated fats and fresh fruit snack. They will learn the taste of “good food” in a funny way, in a pleasant and serene atmosphere and…they will be the masters of their day!

Have a great party!!