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Health…comes eating


What do health and a blog about sweets have in common? maybe you don’t believe, but…a lot!

First of all it is important to know the ingredients that are used both for savory recipes and for the sweet recipes. In this section, in fact, I would like to give you some information related to recipes we prepare together, but also these information will be very important in the daily diet.

OK… it is true that with sweets we must not exceed, but precisely for this reason they must be well-made, delicious, mouth-watering and as much as possible ” genuine “. The dessert complete a good dinner, it has to satisfy us and fill the last “space” remained in the stomach : P

Even among the desserts there are those preferred and those to be avoided, as regards the quality of the ingredients, either because the needs of eache person are different! It ‘s very important to respect the tastes of each one and pay attention to any ingredients that you can not eat.

Do not forget, also, that a bit of sugar (not too many) is important in the daily diet. A good breakfast is essential to start the day for everybody, for children and students, to optimize the brain function, for athletes who need energy!

Important: for people with special needs, it is good to discuss, first of all, with doctor and then prepare a suitable diet with a nutritional biologist.

Below you will find links to recipes, sorted according to the object of nutritional advice at the end of each preparation!