Chocolate cups with custard


Nutritional Tips at the end of recipe.

Do you remember the cream puffs? Surely you do! At the end of the preparation I have advanced a bit of custard. If you have some custard left, you can keep it covered in the refrigerator for a couple of days and… as I said that we mustn’t throw anything, I made these chocolate cups, super delicious !


Preparation time: 5 minutes + cooling time – Cooking time: None – Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients (for 4-5 – cups ) :

  •    100g extra dark chocolate
  •     ½ cup custard


Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Now you have to coat completely 4-5 silicone baking cups with melted chocolate and transfer it in the refrigerator. After about 10 minutes, pick the cups and covered with another layer of chocolate, being careful to covel also the walls of the cups. Pour it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

When the chocolate is completely hardened, turn out carefully, first disconnecting the boundary.

Fill the cups with custard and decorate as desired (with fruit, chocolate or almonds) and leave in the refrigerator until the moment to serve them.

Your guests will be amazed!

Tips: to ensure that the chocolate is completely clotted you can put the cups in the freezer for 10 minutes, before tuorn them out. You can fill them as you prefer, or even use them as shorts to serve the digestive … you will make a great impression ! 🙂

Nutrition Tips: dark chocolate! I love dark chocolate, because it is aromatic, bitter … and also with many nutritional properties, so, for once, what is good is healthy too 🙂 The chocolate is one of the food with the highest content of flavonoids, along with green tea, red wine, berries … Also, the cocoa also contains quercetin (always of the flavonoid family), an antioxidant that speeds up the metabolism of cancer cells, facilitating their elimination. This substance also has other properties: it decreases the intensity of allergic reactions, it is anti-inflammatory and protects the cardiovascular system.

These substances increase with the cocoa content, so it is best to consume in moderation milk chocolate and the white one, which also bring more calories and cholesterol. The extra dark is also high in fiber!

Chocolate is very energetic, and very suitable before physical activity. It ‘s always important, however, take care not to overdo your daily calorie intake, indeed, always be in balance with energy expenditure!

Warning: chocolate contains caffeine and theobromine, substances caffein-similar. Although the amount is relatively small, it can cause problems for people who are hypersensitive.


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