Ladies’ Kisses

Recipe suggested by Elisa, my cousin from, Casale Monferrato :-)

Nutritional tips at the endo of recipe.

baci di dama

This recipe has been in my little recipe book from a long time! I was about 10 years old and came to visit us our cousin Elisa, from Casale. She brought these sweets prepared with the delicious hazelnuts from Piemonte and … I’ve eaten a lot! Believe me … if you start you can not stop!

I propose again the recipe, a little revisited. I added rice flour to make them lighter and brown sugar to get more minerals and, in addition, to accentuate the dark color of the biscuit.

These sweets are original from Piemonte, in the city of Tortona, where they were born a century ago, so called because they consist of two cups of pasta that recall two lips kissing.


Preparation time: 1 hour – Cooking: 20 minutes  – Difficulty: Medium

Ingredients (for about 35-40 kisses) :

100g of butter
150g roasted hazelnuts (preferably from Piemonte :-))
140g brown sugar
100g flour 00
40g rice flour
80 – 100g extra dark chocolate (about a tablet)


Chop very finely the hazelnuts, until they become almost oil, and pour into a bowl with the butter and sugar (photo 1) . Process until creamy.



Add the flour, little by little and stir. The compound has the right consistency when it becomes very soft, but workable with your hands without sticking to fingers (photo 2)! If necessary, add a tablespoon of flour.



Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Prepare small “balls” (about 5 -7g ) and distribute them on a baking pan, not so closed each others (They grow a little bit during baking ) (photo 3).



The biscuits are ready when they reach a brown color and have small cracks on the surface (photo 4) . Pull them out of the oven and let them cool completely.



Meanwhile, melt the chocolate in a double boiler. When it is completely melted, let cool 5-10 minutes, until it reaches a consistency not too runny, so that you can transfer to a pastry bag with a plain tip .

Put some melted chocolate in the center of a cookie and then join another cookie pressing. Continue with the others cookie (photo 5) .



Wait until the chocolate is curdled and then taste them … (if you managed to get to the end of the recipe without having a bite !)

baci di dama

Nutrition Tips: the main ingredient in the recipe are nuts . These fruits are part of the so-called dry fruits, a term that indicates the oily fruit such as hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts. They are among the richest fruits in vitamin E. Also contain phytosterols, compounds useful in the prevention of heart and circulatory disease . They contain good fats , monounsaturated fats , which can lower the levels of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Be careful though, given their high caloric intake , should be consumed in moderation (10-20 grams per day is more than enough ) , preferably between meals and associated with a fleshy fruit (kiwi , banana, apple) .

Brown sugar: …Then when you are in the bar, you choose the bag of brown sugar because you believe it’s ” healthier ” ? Well, let’s understand what we’re talking about. Chemically, between white sugar and brown sugar, there is no difference . The molecule of white sugar and raw brown sugar  is exactly the same. Indistinguishable from our body. It provides the same calories per gram (4 cal). Fron INRAN (National Institute of Research on Food and Nutrition ) we know that: “The raw sugar (which is derived from sugar cane and from sugar beet) is simply one not totally refined sugar: the differences in color and flavor depend on the presence of small amounts of plant residues (molasses), which do not have special nutritional significance. ” The real difference is in the whole sugar from sugar cane: it contains a minor amount of sucrose than refine sugar, in addition, is rich in vitamin A, C , B1 , B2 , B6 and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc , fluorine and magnesium.


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