Help! I haven’t got the kitchen scale…

Well… Have you ever been ready to prepare a nice cake and … noooooo! the scale does not work!

Or, everything organized and ordered and then, reading the recipe, you read “40g yolks” or “4 cups of flour,” but what kind of cup? the mug? the one with little bears? HELP!

Well, this section is created just for this. A “converter” easy and quick to consult, which I hope will be useful during your afternoons in the kitchen!

Attention: this useful web site can help to convert in UK and American measures:

CUPS water 150ml
  flour 100g
  sugar 200g
  bread crumbs 70g
GLASSES water 100ml
  spirit 30ml
SPOONS flour 10g
  sugar 20g
  jam 15g
  spices 10g
  cocoa 5g
  salt 15g
  yoghurt 20g
  oil 15g
  icing sugar
TEASPOONS butter 5g
  flour 5g
  oil 5g
  coffie 5g
EGGS 1 white
  1 yolk
  1 egg 50g


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